Maison Blanche Hand + Sanitizer No. 93

Maison Blanche Hand + Sanitizer No. 93

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All natural ingredients and a soothing Eucalyptus scent, elegantly packaged to evoke a sense of calm and luxury.
Non-drying, non-sticky formula turns using hand sanitizer into a refreshing experience.  

  • Comes in a reusable/recyclable glass bottle to block UV rays and prevent degradation of ingredients.
  • 4 oz

Naturally Denatured Alcohol 93% v/v (antiseptic) Organic Eucalyptus Oil (anti-bacterial, natural disinfectant) Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil (anti-bacterial, moisturizing)

Spray into palms and rub until absorbed to help eliminate germs and bacteria. Spray on surfaces (test first) such as masks, handles, gym equipment, grocery carts, public surfaces, etc.